Nancy Bos, voiceover artist, can be heard on several books through and She also provides narration for product and educational/explainer videos. Please contact Nancy directly with project proposals.

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Turner Media

EQHO​ Singapore

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Audiobook by Nancy Bos and the cast of StudioBos

Coming July 2017

A near-future coming of age story bursting with future tech and strong female characters.

16 year old Liana Ressel has to save her orphanage.
Alexandra Price needs to save her family's business.
Duncan Christianson is going to destroy them both.

If you like virtual reality action like Ernest Cline's Ready Player One,or Orson Scott Card's Ender's Game, then you’ll love a series that pits the members of Dire Wolf in an all-out online battle against the best virtual jockeys in the world.


Voice Artistry by Nancy Bos

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